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Hello, I am Arif Ahmed from Bangladesh. I know you are looking for a Bengali or Sylheti translation service, or perhaps another language related service like voice over, recording, transcription, web content localization, proofreading, or Bengali language teaching, - that conveys or helps you in conveying your message accurately and effectively, discerningly and perceptively. You don't want a machine translation. Besides, in my language combination, i.e English - Bengali - Sylheti, there isn't any to speak of. You probably don't prefer any third parties involved either. You want direct contact with a native-speaking translator and language service provider who understands all the nuances and subtleties of the target language in depth and does not need to scramble helter-skelter for help. And you want his/her personal care and attention .


Well, you're in the right place !


It is important for your language translation (Bengali or Sylheti) to be high in quality, accurate, effective, culturally attuned ,  and also reasonably priced and delivered to you punctually and reliably.

The last thing you need is to have the person reading or listening to your document / content translation to wonder what message you’re trying to convey. You do not want your message to be translated so literally that it is rendered not only meaningless, but also hilarious. You don't want to unwittingly sound offensive or insensitive either, you want your translation localised -- culturally attuned. You also want the translation to be correct of course, without “I saw the Pope” (el Papa) ending up reading “I saw the potato” (la papa) ; or to have your message completely lost in translation, as in the case of the Coca-Cola name in China, which was first read as "Ke-kou-ke-la", meaning "Bite the wax tadpole". Finally, you want the translation to be flowing, easy-to-read, and an enjoyable experience for the reader.

Yes, if that's what you want -- you are in the absolutely right place !


Don’t end up with a mediocre translation !! Let me assist you with the best Bengali and Sylheti language services possible. I can also assist you in medical and legal translations, proofreading, voice-over / recording, transcription web-text translation / localisation, Bengali language learning, legal and paralegal LPO, etc. I would be happy to discuss your particular translation / language needs with you. Please e-mail me through the : --